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First post from Bangkok! Komodo Dragon Fruit

I'll start by saying one could write a whole book on the fruit of Southeast Asia, especially Thailand.  That being said, I am going to spend some time in the new few months sharing some of my very favorite exotic fruits with you. First up is the dragon fruit.  This uniquely beautiful fruit can be either white or pink inside.  To know which, look for wrinkles at the base.  If you see wrinkles, it is a pink interior.  Although I haven't had the pink yet, I've heard it's a bit sweeter than the white.  Either way, you will notice the small black seeds which resemble the seeds in kiwi. The flavor is subtle and mildly sweet.  The texture is quite similar to a kiwi fruit.  I would suggest mixing the dragon fruit into a fruit salad with other sweeter fruits if you don't think it has much taste. Dragon fruit is extremely popular all over Thailand.  It is typically served with other fruits as either breakfast or dessert.  The dragon fruit has been considered a

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